Thursday, October 14, 2010

my Lil Angle

MAma Really Love u my Dearie lIl Angle...
Now he's Already 8 months Plus..nearly 9 Months..
Well DeveLopMents=)
1) HAve a teeth (at last he get this age)
2) love Listening to Music (samBil Goyang2 BAdan)
3) Love ListeNing To azan (he wIll stop doIng His acTivities Until abes Azan)
4) Suke sangKE pandai JAlan (whEn he stand he Will depa TAngan cam cite tItanic..then fall Down..NAnges...Do da same Thing again
5) xsuke Tgl Sorang..when i Wake up.he Will wake up too..haihssss
6) reallY lOVe exploring things...kadang2 nAk makan KApet lepas lipat2...
7) really Love to eat..(
8) papappapapapapa al the time...only mama When he cry..
9) He smeeelllllll Reallly nIce - Xle tdo kalu die xde kat seblah..hehe
10) Fast Learner (alhamdulillah) - When i ask know Where The fish..(papa die suke ikan die pon suke jugak=)) mende tu pusing2 so he knows...wall...die suke ketuk2 tepuk2 wall...
I love To see Him grow Up Every Day=)


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